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  • Testimonials

    • Elizabeth Lesser, Author of Broken Open, and Co-Host Oprah's Soul-Series radio
      "Anyone who has ever tried to write about the spiritual journey knows how hard it is to find words that are big yet humble enough, serious yet light enough, full of drama and awe yet also stripped down and naked. This little book pulls it off. Jeff Brown has a most marvelous way with words--you think you're reading a joke, and it turns into a profound realization. Or you're following a complex thought to completion and suddenly it blossoms into a song and dance. I love learning about life and truth and love and purpose through the wizardry of Jeff's words. I think you will too."
    • Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Bestselling author of The Invitation
      "Jeff Brown stirs the soulful imagination with words that encourage, challenge and remind us what we are and why we are here. His aphorisms- soulshaping nuggets for the journey- come from the heart of his experience. Enjoy!"
    • Katherine Woodward Thomas, bestselling author of Calling in "The One" and co-leader of the Feminine Power Global Community
      "With great wisdom, depth, humor and warmth, Jeff Brown's brilliant offering pierces through the veil of pretense, and brings us to our knees before the refreshing alter of authenticity. His musings manage to offer both an elevated, delightful and invigorating perspective as well as gift us with a grounded, solid pathway home to the most true and tender parts of ourselves. A heartwarming and heart-opening read, this beautiful little piece of art rekindles an almost childlike faith in the possibilities present, while reminding us to do the very real work to actualize them."
    • Philip Shepherd author of New Self, New World
      "This book is fabulous- provocative, encouraging, and blazing with a clear-eyed truth that bows to no icons, only to the sweet, clear song of reality itself. There are enough sparks of wisdom in this book to ignite a blaze in the soul. Exhilarating, compassionate, in-sightful, these truth-soundings will vibrate in your being long after you have put them down. This is the kind of provocative companionship I cherish."
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  • Testimonials

    • Ram Dass, Spiritual Teacher, Best-selling auther of BE HERE NOW
      "Soulshaping does an EXCELLENT job of demonstrating how we can listen to and follow our soul's guidance in the midst of life."
    • Seane Corn
      International Yoga Instructor and Spiritual Activist
      "Soulshaping is a beautiful story of one mans spiritual journey that reveals the inspiring, yet often humbling, path of growth and self-transformation. Jeff offers us a raw, honest and humorous glimpse into the exploration of self, while also imploring us to celebrate the opening of the heart and the awakening of the soul- no matter where we are directed, what is revealed, or who shows up. I Highly recommend this book."
    • Tama J. Kieves Best-Selling Author of "This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love (How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All!)"
      "This book is role call for the soul. Jeff Brown is the kind of writer that invites you to swim in gasoline and then provides a match. This is no self-help book. THIS IS A SUMMONS FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOP AND FROM THE TRENCHES. I am so grateful for Jeff Brown's journey, his absolute genius in writing, and the journey we are all on at this time."

Events & Workshops

Coming soon to a Soul Village near you…SOULSHAPING INSTITUTE


October 22-23, 2016

Jeff will be appearing at the SAND Conference in San Jose, California


October 21, 2016

Jeff has written the forward for, and is publishing Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade’s brilliant new book-
Evolutionary Love Relationships- through Jeff’s publishing house (

October 12, 2016

Jeff’s new writing course begins. Writing your way home: Answering the Soul’s call

Writing your Way Home: Answering the Soul’s Call


November 15, 2015. Jeff’s new book- Spiritual Graffiti- will be released. Pre-order on Amazon or at

October 22-25, 2015. Jeff will be speaking at the SCIENCE and NON-DUALITY (SAND) Conference in San Jose, Calif. Join Jeff, Deepak Chopra, A.H.Almaas, Stanislav Grof, Shauna Shapiro, Charles Eisenstein, Robert Thurman and many others.

September 25, 26 and 27, 2015. Jeff will be hosting a live enheartenment dialogue at the first annual Conscious Heart Conference in Montreal. Join Jeff, Philip Shepherd, Terry Patten, Cathyra Finet, Toko-pa and others for a fantastic weekend! There will also be an Enrealment Press table, for those interested in getting signed copies of Jeff’s books.

July 8 and 9, 2015. Join Jeff and many other luminaries at the Shakti Summit. Jeff will be discussing his new book ‘An Uncommon Bond’, the distinction between wound-mates and soulmates and the ideas around a relational model for expanded consciousness.


The School of Heart Knock & Authentic Self-Revealing

Discover how to excavate and honor your sacred purpose.
(a 6-week online course)

First course starts June 26th – July 31st, 2011
Click here for more information

Second course starts Sept. 11th – October 16th, 2011
Click here for more information



In this workshop, Jeff Brown will help us to identify the Divine Purpose that lives at the heart of our birth. Sourced in the belief that each of us comes in with unique soul-scriptures (key relationships, callings, lessons and archetypal pathways) that live at the heart of our transformation, Jeff will support us in identifying our Divine Purpose and, in a grounded and realistic way, help us to set an agenda for creating a life that reflects it. Because it is often difficult to identify and honour our divine purpose, much of the workshop will be focused on listening in and looking for indicators of the path we are here to walk. For some, the direction is crystal clear and the challenge relates to manifestation; for others, the direction is undefined, and their challenge is learning how to sift through distractions and truth aches to recognize the paths they are here to walk. Wherever you are at on your journey, this workshop will support your efforts to live a more authentic and genuinely inspired life.

Truth-Ache from the Soulshaping Dictionary:  A truth-ache is a nudging sense of falsity, a symptom of our alienation from true-path, a sign that we are not honouring our divine purpose. They can come in any form (i.e. physical illness, emotional issues, self-distractive behaviors, a sense of hopelessness). Although sometimes painful, although embracing them may well force us to turn our habitual patterns upside down in order to effect change, the truth-ache contains the seeds of our transformation. When we repress them, truth decay sets in, and the only thing that can save us is a truth canal. Sometimes we wait too long, and we lose our truth altogether.

Price: $245 Early-bird special $220

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If you have any questions about the workshop, please contact us at

Jeff will also be available for one-on-one Soulshaping sessions  Click here to learn about or to book one of these sessions.


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